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Choosing the right paint for Interior design

Paint is one of those understated materials which has been used for centuries, in its earliest production paint was only available in limited colours and made with incredibly toxic substances.

Nowadays, with new manufacturing technologies and kinder components,paints havebeen developed into an everyday tool for interior design – changing living spaces with limited cost and effort – and now has a rainbow of colours to choose from, what’s not to love.

Revamping paintwork is a quick and affordable way of refreshing a space and bringing life back into a dull and tired living area. A feature wall is still on trend and using a block of colour for defining an area within a room will add interest with immediate effect and with little effort.

Whether it’s used to bring in a work desk area or dining area, adding a block of colour is away of introducing a “pop” of colour, without having to commit to the whole of the roomwhich can often have a negative effect by making the room appear smaller, especially if there is a lack of natural light.

This new feature in your room will give inspiration and the new colour can be introduced as the accent colour for soft furnishings bringing the whole room together – that’s what interior design is all about.

Choosing the right interior design partner can make a real difference – of course you can do it all yourself – but why not reduce the chance of mistakes and let me help.Take a look at this room I have recently designed from a blank canvass:

Your soft furnishings, cushions and curtains all need to work together. Facebook Market Place is a great place to start and I have helped many friends and clients choose the right collections – and some super bargains have been had too.

So go on…Choose your room for your next interior design project and let’s work together – you can then dust down your overhauls and get the cobwebs off those brushes, the results will be well worth it.

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