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What is Personal Styling?

Personal Styling helps build your confidence and get you back on track and feeling great about yourself. But what is Personal Styling and how can an online session help? Starting with an online introductory Personal Styling session we [...]

What is a Personal Colour Analysis?

Personal Colour Analysis is an in depth process that determines your skin tone and which colour quadrant you may fall into! The Colour Analysis will enable you to learn which colours enhance, make you look younger, brighter and [...]

How to choose the right colours for children’s clothing

Choosing colours for children’s clothing used to have gender symbolism – this is most universally represented by blue for infant boys and pink for girls. Yet it took many years for this colour code to be come standardised. [...]

London Fashion Week – Online

How exciting that for us – we, the “mere mortals” can now get a glimpse at one of the most prestigious fashion events in the world - ‘London Fashion Week - Online’. Enjoy - Take a look [...]

Choose new clothes for 2022

Let's start this year as we mean to go on, positively - boy we need it! Let's work together to help you choose new clothes for 2022. Oversized jackets and yes - shoulder pads are the must have [...]

How to style your kids

Over-indulgence is unnecessary! - As a parent, it’s easy to overdo it when trying to keep up with style trends. But keep in mind that your kids will outgrow things quickly. Don't make costly mistakes...try a Colour Analysis [...]

What clothes to wear in a foreign country

We are back travelling - hooray! When travelling the name of the game is comfort...layering is also key. Smart outerwear Jacket or blazer this can cover up the casual wear beneath and can help with the possibility of [...]

How to avoid impulse buying when sales shopping

Be warned – whether on-line or in-shop - impulse buying during the sales can be a waste of time and money unless you know that the item will fit perfectly into your existing wardrobe. A Colour Analysis and [...]

What to wear when you are pregnant

Our bodies flex and change as our baby grows and our tummies (and the rest of our bodies!) swell to support the growth of our baby. There is so much to think about, your health, your baby’s health, [...]

How to look good at the races

Whether it’s the the local Point to Point, Chester Races, Cheltenham or the Gold Cup in Dubai – we always want to make an impression so why not find out how to look good at the races. This [...]

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