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What to wear when you are pregnant

What to wear when you are pregnantKnowing what to wear when you are pregnant is a tough one – trust me – I have done it twice!

Our bodies flex and change as our baby grows and our tummies (and the rest of our bodies!) swell to support the growth of our baby. There is so much to think about, your health, your baby’s health, the future and typically the juggle of a commute to work, the hormones, well just everything and then your clothes get too uncomfortable. It’s hard to think about fashion trends when your body is growing and all you want is comfort!

A client called me recently as she was in despair as to what to wear – her tummy is showing, her ankles get swollen and she still has another two months at work. She has been ‘getting away’ with the clothes in her wardrobe but wanted to inject some fabulousness into what she was wearing. Kate Middleton will, in time, be feeling much the same!

This is an in-depth process of determining your skin tone and which colour quadrant you may fall into! My Colour Analysis and Online Personal Stylist session will helps enable you to learn which colours enhance, making you look younger, brighter and giving you a fabulous glow.

Let me help you to know what to wear when you are pregnant.

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