By Published On: March 1, 20211.8 min read

Early signs of Spring – time to make yourself look good

Out and about on my walk today, you can see all the spring flowers popping up and slowly emerging giving signs of life and promise. It always amazes me how hardy they are especially as The Beast from the East as only just retreated – it’s time to make your self look good this Spring.

Time to make yourself look good this SpringLikewise, it’s time for the fashion-wise amongst us to start popping our heads over the parapet. For many of us that’s all it will be whilst working from home and our only interaction is through virtual meetings on Zoom or Teams.


So let’s start making the most of some of the incredible online sales and treat ourselves to a couple of new tops because there are some real bargains to be had.

I don’t know about you but my skin looks pale with the winter months and just feel dowdy… if you are feeling the same why not put on some false tan (Don’t Trump It😊) just a light layer to give you a bit of an added glow. And make sure your colours match that new top or one of the tops hanging in your wardrobe that just sits there because you keep it ‘just for best’.

Spend time doing your hair and makeup and take a look in the mirror and you will feel immediately uplifted. Yes – it’s time for you to emerge just like those beautiful spring flowers. Try a Colour Analysis with me – or even a full Personal Styling session – it will make you feel great 🙂

Most of us have been stuck in rut with all what’s been going on – say to yourself – “NO MORE”…even if it’s just making an effort for those virtual calls. Or maybe once a week have a Saturday night dressed up evening – just like we used to. Believe me, all these little things will help you feel better about yourself, giving you hope and adding a boost of confidence. Go on give it try….make yourself look good this Spring – you so should!

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