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How to look good at the races

Whether it’s the the local Point to Point, Chester Races, Cheltenham or the Gold Cup in Dubai – we always want to make an impression so why not find out how to look good at the races.

How to look good at the races

This memory is my basis for looking good at the races – fashions change but the etiquette remains the same.

My first time at The Gold Cup Dubai and I can’t say I was disappointed. Dubai does these events well and it had all the glitz and the glamour. I don’t think I have ever seen so many beautifully turned out men and women.

There was a spectacular array of colours, ladies hair immaculately coiffured and well the creativity and individuality of the hats was sublime. The gentlemen may I also add were impeccably turned out, suited and booted, some with ties, dickie bows, cravats all giving their unique personalisation to their attire. The atmosphere was buzzing and the people were all so welcoming. All I can say is well done Dubai you were not only beautiful you were the perfect hosts…

It’s all about being impeccably turned out and attention to detail. Think like a ‘Peacock’ strutting with its raised train pluming in all its glory for all to see.

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